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of ultralight flight and the handling and control of a real airplane.
Belite UltraCub 2013 Demonstrator for Sale
Our 2013 Belite UltraCub Demonstrator Aircraft is now for sale at a significant savings: NOW $23,500!


Featuring a 45HP powerhouse FOUR STROKE engine, this 2GPH machine is the perfect combination of performance and economy.

The equipment list is long, and features carbon fiber spars. Here are the details:

  •  Base Aircraft with Burgundy Metallic and Copper Trim
  •  45HP Hand Prop Hummel 1/2VW with Nicasil Cylinders
  •  Dual Ignition:  Magneto + Battery / Electronic (ground charge battery only)
  •  60 x 27 Tennessee Propellers Wooden prop -- perfect combination of climb & cruise performance
  •  Lightweight 6061T6 aluminum lift struts
  •  Composite tailwheel spring
  •  Lightweight Polycarbonate windshield / sunroof
  •  Removable doors
  •  White Enamel on Aluminum Frame
  •  Your choice of metal or classic fiberglass cowl
  •  Removable Turtledeck
  •  Disc Brakes
  •  Steel Spring Main Gear Suspension
  •  Hand Toss parachute
  •  Full Instrument Panel

LIST PRICE: $36,095


DELIVERY IS $2.50 per mile