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New Aluminum  Construction

In order to keep the Belite as affordable as possible, and still retain the integrity of design, we have introduced an aluminum fuselage.  This aircraft is lighter weight, costs less to produce, which means weight savings and more affordability for you.

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Aluminum Aircraft

Check out these strength tests:



Engine Mount Strength -- over 400 pounds of steel. 



Pilot Seat test -- 819 pounds of steel and sand. Closeup of square aluminum tubing




Here’s the full aircraft. Notice the heavy cockpit structure, also the monocoque aluminum skin on the sides, (carrying landing loads).  The landing gear is chromaloy steel, and the engine mount is also chromaloy steel.  The aerodynamics are largely undisturbed from our sweet flying, original 254.


Aluminum Fuselage Ultralight Airplane from Belite Aircraft


Many of our potential customers are concerned about their weight in relationship to our planes.  These new aluminum planes solve that problem.  The 45HP engine, in combination with the lightweight aluminum fuselage, provides the ability to lift a lot of load!  We can now handle pilot loads up to 275 pounds in the taildragger configuration.  With really great performance!