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The Belite UltraCub offers an aluminum ultralight aircraft manufactured  in Kit and Ready to Fly models. It is available with variations of engines, landing gear, assembly materials and instrumentation. With the addtion of the turtledeck, all configurations evoke the classic look of a Piper J3Cub, hence the name, UltraCub.

The UltraCub weight 278 lbs when fully loaded with a 4-stroke engine, the maximum allowed by FAR Part 103*. Much lighter weights are possible by using 2-stroke engines and fewer options.

A ready to fly model uses Oracal vinyl covering, with your choice of single color for beautiful finishes.
Options available: carbon fiber, large wheels, covering completeness, pain ton the aluminum, type of engine, type of parachute, instruments, doors and much more.


What type of construction is used in the fuselage?
It is straightforward aluminum construction.  All of the cabin area and most of the gussets have pre-drilled holes, and the rear fuselage is pre-aligned, mostly pre-drilled and ready for you to start drilling and riveting.  All main cabin bulkhead formers and gussets are CNC cut and have many pre-drilled pilot holes as well.  The builder has to trim some of the cabin longerons and members, but as these lengths are short, and all formers are square, the resulting assembly process is easy and straightforward.  Aluminum may be cut with a carbide blade table saw, or a band saw, or a hack saw. 
Belite Aircraft are available with emergency parachute.
1/2 VW Engine on Belite UltraCub
Who is the engine vendor?
Scott Casler, Hummel Engines is our first choice for 1/2VW aircraft engines.  Scott makes a great engine and stands behind his work.  www.hummelengines.com
Will other 1/2VW four stroke engines work?
Absolutely.  We recommend at least 37HP.  Great Plains is a good source for plans for a complete kit. See: http://www.greatplainsas.com/schalfvw.html  An online build manual for 1/2VW engines may be found here: 
What about the motor mount for a Belite with the half V/W?
We designed it, and it is pretty small and sweet.  It is welded out of 4130 steel.

What kind of gasoline does the engine use?
91 Octane auto gas.  100LL will also work just fine, but like any other aircraft engine, pay attention to lead fouling in the spark plugs.
Happy Flying from James!

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