Experience the freedom and excitement
of ultralight flight and the handling and control of a real airplane.
Superlite+ Taildragger

Imagine taking off in a Part 103 aircraft that explodes off the ground like
 a bottle rocket.

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The Belite Superlite+offers the most powerful engine available on a legal Part 103 ultralight aircraft. Defined by its 50HP twin opposed engine (derated for Part 103 compliance), it offers outstanding Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) performance. The Superlite requires a ground roll of only about 150 feet to get airborne. When takeoff power is applied, it leaps into the air and climbs at an outrageous rate. The tail comes up immediately and then the plane 'unglues' from the runway in an amazingly short distance.

Hirth F23 50HP* engine offers outstanding STOL performance.

Still meets FAR Part 103
The Superlite+ tips the scales at 278 pounds but is equipped with a recovery parachute, making it FAR Part 103 legal with a parachute allowance.

Basic Belite Design

A recovery parachute keeps the Superlite Part 103 compliant.
The Superlite +uses the same basic ultralight aircraft fuselage and wing design as other taildragger versions. Carbon fiber spars minimize weight. The fuselage and cabin area are lightweight steel, and lightweight lift struts and axle bring the weight within FAA Part 103 compliance.  The cockpit windshield and cabin top are Lexan for safety and 360 degrees of vision. Belite also optionally utilizes larger tires in the Superlite+, which provide better ground handling (especially on rougher runways) and a sporty look. The Superlite+ also comes with a 5 gallon aluminum fuel tank.

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1. Takeoff Video
2. Flight
3. Landing
4. How High?
5. Belite Superlite
6. Flight Demo

The Superlite was named the 2010 Grand Champion Ultralight at 2010 Sun 'n Fun.

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