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Sun 'n Fun 2014 Show Specials

UltraCub Kit: $6,495
ProCub Lite Kit: $9,995 
$2,500 deposit due by May 5, 2014

Our UltraCub Kit and new ProCub Lite Kit are offered at this special price through May 5, 2014. The UltraCub Kit is regularly $7,995 and the ProCub Lite Kit is regularly $11,995. The UltraCub Kit features our classic aluminum cabin and fuselage with aluminum spar/wood rib wing construction. The ProCub Lite Kit features our new foam construction in the fuselage, wings and tailfeathers.
  Download this Interactive Excel Spreadsheet and find the price of the Kit or Ready to Fly Belite you desire. Put in options that you want by changing "no" to "yes", and see the weight and price. Check tabs at the bottom for many prefigured configurations. Please note Kits and Ready to Fly have different prices for options.



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Ready To Fly (RTF) Part 103 Aircraft

Belite offers Ready To Fly Aircraft in both the UltraCub and ProCub Lite versions as taildraggers or tricycle configurations with several choices of engines engines, and many options.

See Price List on Ready to Fly Aircraft

$5,000 deposit.

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