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How to buy Kits or Factory-Built
UltraCub Kit: $8,495 $6,995
ProCub Lite Kit: $12,995  $11,495

$2,500 Deposit due by May 29, 2015

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Call us at 316-253-6746, or email: info@beliteaircraft.com

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The UltraCub  The ProCub Lite


Now is the best time for specials on our Kits, and this year we are offering engine specials to our Kit buyers. Only one of each is available, and you must order a kit to qualify. 

New Generac v twin
1) A new Generac v twin, never started. We've removed the tin and flywheel (they're included.) Strictly as is! $1500. Buy it with a UltraCub kit ($6995) or ProCub kit ($11495). We do not have a motor mount, nor can we provide any advice as to how to hook this up. Only one is available.

New JCV 360
 2) A new JCV 360 water cooled 4 stroke engine. We've flown this type of engine on a Belite before, and one of our customers has been flying it as well. Aftermarket fuel injection is available!  Very low fuel consumption! Water cooled! $1800. Only one is available. 
Used JCV 360
3) A slightly used JCV 360 engine. $1400.  We bought this from a third party. Only one is available.

Here are the Terms and Conditions for these engine purchases:

1) You must order a Belite kit at the same time.  $2500 nonrefundable deposit required in addition to the price of the engine. Delivery of the kit before June 30, 2015.

2) You must pay for the engine in full at the time of order.  We will ship the engine promptly.
Polini Engine     
CALL 316-253-6746

3) Crating / shipping charges not included.

4) Sales tax, if applicable, not included.

6) Exactly one of each is available: first come, first served.  When they are gone, they're gone.

These engines must be ordered with a Kit. 

 We're offering the ProCub Lite for $11,495, and the UltraCub Kit at $6,995. But this price is good only when you pay your deposit by May 29, 2015. The UltraCub Kit is regularly $8,495 and the ProCub Lite Kit is regularly $12,995. 

The UltraCub Kit features our classic aluminum cabin and fuselage with aluminum spar/wood rib wing construction. The ProCub Lite Kit features our new foam construction in the fuselage, wings and tailfeathers, plus many options not available with the UltraCub.

It's first come, first served, so don't wait until the last minute.
Belite Aircraft Kits are available as an FAR Part 103 ultralight aircraft and can be built as experimental. The standard Kit is a taildragger, but a tricycle gear option is available.

Factory-Built Part 103 Aircraft

Belite offers Ready To Fly Aircraft in both the UltraCub and ProCub Lite versions as taildraggers or tricycle configurations with several choices of engines engines, and many options.

See Price List on Factory-Built Aircraft

50% deposit.