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The Belite ProCub Lite looks and feels like a nostalgic J3 Cub, but flies under ultralight rules. We paid attention to visual details: the look of the tail, the sweep of the wingtips. We also paid attention to technical details: the strength and lightness of the structure, the aerodynamics of the wing shape, the ease of manufacture (or kit building). The ProCub Lite provides great efficiency and awesome performance with the recommended 36.5 HP Polini (Italian) engine. We monster sized the wheels to tundra class so it could handle the off-road and off-airport destinations you want to go to.

Link to Price Sheet (PDF) Purchase & Sales Agreement

ProCub Lite Kit Details

Belite ProCub Kit

with No Engine & No Options


  • Tail Feathers: Foam/aluminum/fiberglass construction
  • Fuselage: CNC cut foam rear fuselage with aluminum tube longerons and CNC precut aluminum cabin.
  • Taildragger Configuration (Option For Tricycle Gear Configuration)
  • CNC Machined, Welded & Misc. parts
  • Flight Control Hardware
  • Reinforced Seat & Butt Plate
  • Fuel System - Includes fuel filter & shutoff
    (tank not included)
  • Wings: Includes aluminum spars and CNC cut foam surface wing.
  • Flaperons: CNC foam w/ aluminum spars
  • Aluminum Lift Struts
  • Landing Gear: Includes left and right “A” frame chromaloy steel landing gear, completely prewelded. Also includes tail wheel spring. Steel spring main shock absorbers are standard.
  • CNC cut polycarbonate windshield
  • Build manual


ProCub Lite KIT Options

Tricicycle Upgrade

Includes nose wheel assembly and nose gear strut / $1,000 / +8.8 lbs.

Weight Reduction

SWAP Lightweight Lift Strut / $0 / -3.5 lbs.
SWAP Windshield .040 Polycarbonate / $0 / -1.3 lbs.


ADD Removable Doors / $400 / 0.0

Ground Handling

SWAP Main tires to 5.00 x 5 with tubes (other sizes available) / $200 / +7.5 lbs
ADD Trailer Kit / $300 / 0.0


ADD 550 pound Air Rocket Parachute / Call for $ / +17.0 lbs.
ADD Hand-tossed Parachute / Call for $ / +9.0 lbs.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Upgrade / $2,000 / -12.1 lbs.