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About Belite

Company Overview

Belite Aircraft was founded by James and Kathy Wiebe. The company is based in the bustling aircraft development center of Wichita, Kansas. Belite designs and builds Experimental and Ultralight aircraft as well as electronics. Belite aircraft are built ready to fly or in kit form. Its electronics products encompass a wide range of function are are used by aircraft in many forms of ultralight and sport aircraft.

James Wiebe

James_wiebeJames is an avid pilot, having begun his flying career at Cessna Aircraft as a summer intern in 1978. James recalled that he was unable to join the flying club, due to the waiting list at that time. He was unexpectedly moved to second shift in the middle of the summer, and as a result, was able to start his pilot training. Two months later he passed his check ride.

James has combined his passion for flying with the creativity and experience he demonstrated in his previous business ventures. He has developed new lightweight processes which he has incorporated into the Belite airplane’s structure to keep the Belite well below the 254 pound limit specified in FAR Part 103.

At EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) AirVenture 2011 (Oshkosh) James was awarded the prestigious “Dr. August Raspet Memorial Award” for outstanding contributions to the advancement of the design of light aircraft and the Experimental Aircraft Association.

In October 2011, the Belite Aircraft was featured on Discovery Channel’s “MythBusters,” where the myth was confirmed that a duck-taped aircraft can fly.  A Belite Aircraft performed the feat, and  James flew the plane.

Kathy Wiebe

kathywiebeKathy Wiebe, a graduate of William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, contributed her marketing and management expertise to the operation of WiebeTech LLC, and now serves in that capacity with Belite Aircraft. She was employed for 13 years at Associated Advertising in Wichita, serving in public relations, creative development and account management, ending her career there as Executive VP of Operations. Kathy taught an Introduction to Entrepreneurship class at Wichita State University  for two years and was the Sam Walton Fellow for Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) at Wichita State.  She has also served as a CASA (Court  Appointed Special Advocate) for CASA of Sedgwick County, an organization that advocates within the court system for foster children.





Belite Enterprises LLC
8610 E. 34th Street N #1
Wichita KS 67226