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Fly with Us

Fly with Us!

Recreational flying offers an extremely fun and rewarding experience. With Belite Ultralight aircraft you can get closer to nature with the flying feel of a real airplane.

The Skies are Yours!

Belite offers the finest single-seat, fun-flying utility aircraft on the planet. Available either as a taildragger or a tricycle gear airplane, our aircraft are lighter in weight, newer in design and provide better performance in takeoff, landing and cruise. Most importantly, they simply cost less for better value. The innovative design reduces weight and results in a full-featured legal FAR Part 103 aircraft.

Why Fly a Belite?

wrightThe better question might be “why not?” Throughout history people have aspired to climb to the clouds. The last century began with early pioneers like the Wright brothers believing in their dream of flight and working ceaselessly till they overcame thousands of years of vain human hopes as they took to the skies.

Belite Aircraft wants to bring the experience and joy of flight to thousands worldwide. Like those early pioneers we too have been on a quest to design and engineer aircraft that could be flown by anyone safely, affordably and adeptly.

Near Nature. Near Perfect.

Flying a Belite Ultralight brings you close to nature. Moving slowly and near enough to the ground where you can see and make out detail, you touch and see the world in a profoundly inspiring and exhilarating way. With an open cabin you feel the crisp wind while charting your path. Truly you feel you are experiencing something heavenly while having the time of your life!

Live thy life as it were spoil and pluck the joys that fly.

— Martial, Epigrams, A.D 86.