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Belite Electronics Introduces New Angle of Attack Sensor and Display Gauge

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Lightweight, affordable, HUD or panel display, easy to install and calibrate
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Wichita, KS – 03-31-2014 – Belite’s improved Angle of Attack sensor and display gauge provides immediate feedback as to the angle of attack. Calibrated from 0 to 12 (normal cruise to imminent stall), it features a frictionless mass balanced windvane sensor, combined with a brilliant LED display which is readable in direct sunlight.

It is supplied as a complete system, including the weathervane sensor and housing, along with the cockpit display. It is calibrated in flight by pushing a button: a short touch marks the imminent stall speed, and a long touch marks normal cruise speed setting. That is all that is required for calibration, and the system thereafter provides continuous feedback as to the current angle of attack.

Featuring a price tag of $499, the AOA system is compatible with most experimental, ultralight, and Light Sport Aircraft (with manufacturer approval). The unit utilizes a true windvane (just like airliners and other commercial aircraft) with a frictionless magnetic rotation detector. The result is instantaneous Angle Of Attack feedback to the pilot in the cockpit, displayed on the included brilliant LED gauge.

Furthermore, the gauge is designed for the pilot’s choice of Heads Up reflective display mounting(HUD) below the windshield, or conventional panel mounting. The Heads Up mounting option allows the pilot to concentrate on landings without losing sight of the valuable AOA information.

Installation is easy. It may be mounted on the leading edge of many aircraft, or also off the lift struts. It may also be mounted fuselage flush, especially on the forward portion of pusher aircraft.

Calibration is also easy. With the aid of a safety pilot, the programming switch is touched when the plane is near critically slow airspeed (approaching stall), and the programming switch is also touched at high speed cruise. This establishes the range of detected Angle Of Attack, which the unit permanently memorizes.

A complete system is composed of the weathervane and integrated magnetic sensor, along with a LED display gauge. The system is available for shipment in August.

For OEM customers, the weathervane and magnetic sensor are available separately for $399.

Part Numbers:

AOA-021: Leading edge mounted system $499
AOA-022: Flush mounted system $499
AOA-023: Leading edge mounted weathervane (no display) $399
AOA-024: Flush mounted system weathervane (no display) $399

16 Jul, 15

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