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Tricycle Gear Option

Now Ultralight Flight can be as easy as Flying a Cessna 172!

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Belite’s Tricycle Gear Option offers easy takeoff and landing, eliminating need for tailwheel training. It’s still FAR Part 103 compliant, but its ground handling and landing manners are much like a Cessna 172. It looks good, it is fun to fly and it’s also economical.


The tricycle gear option features a free castering nose wheel.
The tricycle gear option features a free castering nose wheel, a good-looking 5 gallon spun aluminum fuel tank and a fully-covered cockpit interior. It can be ordered with either a 28 or45 HP engine. FOLDING WINGS are standard.

Reversible Gear

By purchasing the Optional Tricycle Gear Upgrade, owners can actually reconfigure the aircraft back into the conventional taildragger if they choose. So a tricycle gear option plane is really two planes in one.

Spring landing gear allows for smoother taxiing and landing.

For more powerful performance, the tricycle gear option plane can be fitted with a bigger engine and more lightweight components. As a result, our tricycle gear option design has the same great flying qualities as our Superlite, except it has easy landing gear.


FOLDING WINGS is one of the most popular features of the Belite.  This allows easy transport and storage of the aircraft.

ENHANCED WING SPAN AND WING AREA makes the Belite much friendlier with big pilots and small engines.

LIGHT WEIGHT of the Belite allows accommodation of BIG pilots.

The Belite airplane requires real pilot skills. It is a very low inertia airplane, and like other light aircraft, care must be taken to keep approach speeds high enough to have energy for a good flare to land. In short, flying the Belite provides the economy and freedom of an ultralight and the flying characteristics of a Light Sport aircraft.

The Belite has a control stick and rudder pedals for standard 3-axis aircraft controls, highly effective flaperons and classic taildragger styling. Wheels and brakes are tough aluminum and steel. Braking action is perfect and smooth because of the hydraulic brakes. The Belite aircraft sets a new standard for lightweight, durable construction.

Each aircraft is equipped with polycarbonate windshield and sunroof that provides 360 degree visibility, and a 4-point lap and shoulder harness.

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