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The UltraCub™



edwardss_turtledeck_640The Belite UltraCub offers an aluminum ultralight aircraft manufactured  in Kit and Ready to Fly models. It is available with variations of engines, landing gear, assembly materials and instrumentation. With the addtion of the turtledeck, all configurations evoke the classic look of a Piper J3Cub, hence the name, UltraCub.

The UltraCub weight 278 lbs when fully loaded with a 4-stroke engine, the maximum allowed by FAR Part 103*. Much lighter weights are possible by using 2-stroke engines and fewer options.

edwards_cabin_640• The Belite is offered in either a Trike or Tailwheel version, with a variety of engine options.

• FOLDING WINGS is one of the most popular features of the Belite.  This allows easy transport and storage of the aircraft.

• ENHANCED WING SPAN AND WING AREA makes the Belite much friendlier with big pilots and small engines.

• LIGHT WEIGHT of the Belite allows accommodation of BIG pilots.

• With a rate of climb of 400 fpm*, a cruise speed of up to 62 mph and up to a two-hour endurance, the Belite offers outstanding flying fun. Build time is less than 200 hours (not including fabric and paint).

• The Belite airplane requires real pilot skills. As a tailwheel airplane, it is remarkably easy to take off and land, but tailwheel operating knowledge is required. It is a very low inertia airplane, and like other light aircraft, care must be taken to keep approach speeds high enough to have energy for a good flare to land. In short, flying the Belite provides the economy and freedom of an ultralight and the flying characteristics of a Light Sport aircraft.

• The Belite has a control stick and rudder pedals for standard 3-axis aircraft controls, highly effective flaperons and classic taildragger styling. Wheels and brakes are tough aluminum and steel. Braking action is perfect and smooth because of the hydraulic brakes. The Belite aircraft sets a new standard for lightweight, durable construction.

• Each aircraft is equipped with a 5 gallon fuel tank, polycarbonate windshield and sunroof that provides 360 degree visibility, and a 4-point lap and shoulder harness.

*Dependent on engine selection — your climb rate can do better than this, actually … !

Thor_250_DualSpark_maxiThe aircraft has been engineered to support a new engine, the Polini Thor 250 with water cooling, geared reduction and 36.5 HP. The flight testing has already documented extraordinary takeoff performance.

“The best pilots fly more than the others; that’s why they’re the best.”

— Chuck Yaeger