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Belite manufactures true single seat airplanes. They meet FAR Part 103 criteria and do not require a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pilot’s license or aircraft registration, but their advanced aerodynamic design and technology provide the handling and utility of heavier aircraft. They are available in both kit and completed versions.

Engine 36HP to 50HP 2- stroke engines. Also 4-stroke 1/2VW engine with 45HP
Seats 1 (FAR 103 requirement)
Fuel Capacity
5 gallons (FAR 103 requirement)
Stall Speed
<= 28 MPH with aircraft weight of 254 pounds, 170 pound pilot, 30 pounds fuel
Empty Weight
Varies from 200 pounds to 278 pounds depending on configuration
Maximum Pilot
Up to 250 pounds depending on configuration and engine.
Maximum recommended pilot weight with 36HP engine is 200 pounds
Gross Weight
550 pounds
Endurance 1:20 to 2:30 depending on engine
Range 60 miles to 130 miles depending on engine
Takeoff Roll
80’ to 500’ depending on engine
Landing Roll
100’ to 500’ depending on pilot skill
Rate of Climb
150 to 700 fpm at Sea Level, standard conditions, depending on engine
Cruise Speed
50 to 62mph depending on engine
Vne 72 mph (UltraCub)  80 mph (ProCub)
Folded Width
8’ 6”
Length 17’
Height 5’ 2”
Wing Span
26’ 2” (UltraCub); 28’ 0” (ProCub Lite)
Wing Area
112.5 square feet
G Rating
+3.8 / -2.0 (.063” Aluminum Lift Struts) (ProCub)

All specifications are based on manufacturer’s calculations and are subject to change without notice. This aircraft has NOT been certified by the FAA or any other authority. FAR 103 COMPLIANCE IS ALWAYS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE OPERATOR, NOT BELITE AIRCRAFT.


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