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Belite Kits

Dream it, Build it, Fly it!

Historically ultralight and experimental flying has been pursued by hobbyists and adventurers who wished to build their own planes and then fly them. Belite carries on that tradition by providing ready to build kits for our aircraft. In 2017 Our new plane, the Chipper, builds upon our years of experience and development of ultralights. Now we offer the best qualities, design, and manufacturing technologies in this new plane while meeting all flight and design standards in the Experimental FAA regulations. Our kits combine the  best engineering, machining and planning to give our customers both the confidence and the enjoyment of building their own airplane.

The Chipper (Experimental)

kitgraphics2Building on the experiences of using innovative, low weight and quicker build technologies, Belite Aircraft is pleased to introduce its first two place experimental aircraft design.

“I wanted to take my wife flying in a aircraft of my own design,” explains James Wiebe, the CEO of Belite, “and implement my years of learning about aircraft structure design. I focused on aspects of aircraft design that are really important to me and many pilots whom I’ve met. This includes: cost reduction over other designs, ease of construction, low weight, good short field performance and a variety of inexpensive two and four stroke engine options. This collection of important characteristics all are in our new aircraft, which we’ve chosen to call Chipper, reflecting it’s cheerful and lively design!”

A Complete Kit

Production techniques which are labor intensive add cost and time to aircraft projects.  Our vision was to provide a complete kit which can easily be built by an individual in their garage, without special tools, and with state-of-the-art strength and build methodologies. With the exception of engine, FWF, covering and paint, instruments and fuel tanks, everything is included in the airframe + finishing kit; and the builder gets to pick tailwheel or tricycle gear.   Subassemblies are also available.

Chipper Purchasing Information

Purchasing Page What is Included in Kit (PDF)

The UltraCub (Ultralight)

Our UltraCub kits use a common aluminum cabin, which is easy to assemble with pop rivets. It has many aluminum parts which are CNC machined and predrilled. You do some more drilling and riveting.

Screen shot 2015-07-15 at 12.09.04 PMThe UltraCub features an aluminum truss tail, which we preassemble at the factory for you, then disassemble for shipping.

The UltraCub wings have aluminum spars, but carbon fiber spars are available as an option.

UltraCub Purchasing Information

Purchasing Page Specification & Pricing Sheet (PDF)

Purchase a Step by Step Video Instruction for Building a Kit

Purchase Video Here – $39

Screen shot 2015-07-15 at 9.03.37 PMMore About Our Kit Packages

Belite Aircraft Kits are available as an FAR Part 103 ultralight aircraft and can be built as experimental. The standard Kit is a taildragger, but a tricycle gear option is available.

Aluminum Cabin and Aluminum Rear Fuselage
The Belite Kit is straightforward aluminum construction. The aluminum fuselage is a riveted construction with 6061T6 aluminum in critical areas. Other alloys are also used. The wings are built with aluminum spars and CNC cut Baltic birch ribs.

Precision CNC Machined Parts
The components in our kits are fabricated on CNC mills and routers, which in makes the parts precise and consistent. The builder can open our shipping crates and begin building the plane right away.

All of the cabin area and most of the gussets have pre-drilled holes, and the rear fuselage is pre-aligned, mostly pre-drilled and ready for you to start drilling and riveting. All main cabin bulkhead formers and gussets are CNC cut and have many pre-drilled pilot holes as well. The builder has to trim some of the cabin longerons and members, but as these lengths are short, and all formers are square, the resulting assembly process is easy and straightforward. Aluminum may be cut with carbide blade table saw, a band saw, or a hack saw.

Fits Together Like a Glove
Everything slips together and is locked in place with glue. Aluminum ribs and carbon fiber spars are also available. They are easy to build like a big model airplane wing.

Purchase a step by step video demonstration for builders of the popular Belite UltraCub/ProCub Kit.


Highlights of Chippers

Conventional aerodynamic design
Side by side seating
Designed  from a Clean Sheet in CAD & State-of-the-Art Build Technologies
Very quick build time with highly accurate parts & high strength modern materials
Classic look & Fun to Fly!
Good short field performance
Rugged landing gear
Droop Selectable Ailerons
Taildragger or tricycle gear configuration
Primary structure of aluminum with lightweight honeycomb
440 LB empty weight (with 2 stroke engine and normal instrumentation) / 465 LB empty weight (with 4 stroke engine) / 926 LB gross weight**
Up to 80HP engine**
**All specifications subject to change without notice.

Features of UltraCub Kits

Ready to rivet aluminum fuselage
Taildragger configuration (option for tricycle configuration)
CNC Machined Pre-Cub and Drilled Aluminum Parts
Reinforced Seat Aluminum Spar Wings (upgrades to carbon available)
Turtledeck kit included with ProCub Build Manual

“The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.”

— J.M. Barrie, The Little White Bird