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High Performance
Carbon Fiber Wingtips

Belite Aircraft is proud to introduce its carbon fiber wing tips. As seen in the demonstration, they fit on to the edge of the wing and screw in to lock them. They are made of extremely strong and lightweight carbon fiber material.


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What’s Included?:
— 4 premolded carbon fiber skins, left/right/upper/lower
— Carbon fiber tubing
— CNC cut foam ribs (they go inside wingtip)

— fiberglass tape

What’s not included?:
— 2216 glue
— epoxy (West Systems, for example)
— expanding foam

— finish varnish or paint

Tools needed for assembly?:
— Drill
— clecoes + pliers
— Clamp
ba_manual_graphicWhat airplanes will these work with?:
— ProCub Lite
— UltraCub

— Kitfox Lite

What does each wingtip weigh?:

 — about 3 1/2 pounds

What are the finished dimensions?:

 — 16 1/2″ wide x 41″ long

Are assembly instructions available?:

 — Yes, working on that

What do they cost?:

 — The kit is $700.

Are they available from Aircraft Spruce?

 — Yes, we need to put a part number on the kit and make sure they list it.

What is the time required to finish the wingtips?

 — We estimate 10 hours per each wingtip, spread over several days.

Are they standard with our ProCub?

 — No.  This is a $700 option.

What is the shipping box size?
 — Really big.  I estimate 42″ x 24″ x 16″, but we’ll have to see.  The total contents of the box will weigh <15 pounds.

Demo of Carbon Fiber Wingtips

Photos of the Carbon Fiber Wingtip