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Product Announcement

Belite Aircraft is proud to introduce its exciting new line of LCD instruments.


New Single Function Instruments
with Huge Digits

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2017 Announcement

Belite Introduces the Two Place Experimental Aircraft

Reserve Your “Chipper”

Now with folded wings!

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Announcing Our New Belite Electronics Store

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The Latest Aircraft Photos

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Latest from Belite’s Facebook Postings

I was messing around earlier today with a new GoPro camera mount. I like it a lot -- good solid video. And I got to fly. And I got to climb fast. The cold weather performance of #Chipper has just been fantastic. ...

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Teleport from the future: Belite's upcoming liquid level probe.

Salient features:

a) standard 5 hole mtg pattern, duh
b) absolute repeatable precision
c) no calibration
d) any length up to 40" (order your required length)
e) other exit angles available (90 degree pictured)
f) works from 10 to 32V
g) 0 to 5v output
h) digital serial output also available
i) never a moving part
j) patent pending, duh
k) special plastic tube is FEP -- unaffected by fluid type.
l) level accuracy doesn't change as you switch between 100LL, Mogas, Mogas with ethanol
m) IMHO, superior alternative to all other liquid level probes
n) greater precision in last 25% of tank (sensors placed closer together)
o) formal announcement -- Sebring, January 2018
p) unlike a capacitive probe, water drops don't cause it to short & fail
k) unlike a capacitive probe, various fuel types don't affect calibration
l) unlike a cap probe, no calibration required
m) unlike a float/magnet probe, no moving parts, and works at any angle of insertion
n) unlike a resistive probe, no moving parts / higher range of measuring
o) approximate power consumption is 0.004 amperes (4 milliamperes)
p) plastic tube is sealed on end using dual round O-ring gaskets
q) housing is aluminum. Production units will be anodized. Prototype shown.
r) works with most fluid types, including gas, diesel, jet fuel, alcohol, ethanol, acid, water
s) operational temp range is -20C to +50C

This is a product preview. We can't guarantee that it will have the same specs when it is announced. We can't even guarantee that we will announce. But this is the reason why we discontinued our capacitance probe -- this is superior, and easier for our customers to put in their aircraft. We aren't announcing the pricing at this time.

We do solicit your feedback!!!!

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Challenge: Today we use our Bingo fluid detector to test hydraulic fluid. BTW, today is last day of sale. Learn more: ...

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belite Reviews

I’d been searching for a respectable ultralight manufacturer that had found a way to make a four-stroke fit within the weight envelope of the ultralight regulations. I was so...

Dale Martinson

Pilot & Ultralight Enthusiast