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Product Announcement

New Radiant LCD Sunlight Readable Instruments

Belite Aircraft is proud to introduce its exciting new line of LCD instruments.

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2017 Announcement

Belite Introduces the Two Place Experimental Aircraft

Reserve Your “Chipper”

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Probes for fuel tanks have many limitations. Our new probe resolves these issues and offers substantial benefits.



FLY with us

It's a thrill to fly a Belite. Watch our newest video.


Announcing Our New Belite Electronics Store

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The Latest Aircraft Photos

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Latest from Belite’s Facebook Postings

Chipper ascends 4000' in about 6 minutes, and never leaves the airport behind. Truly amazing. ...

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Chipper Climb: Forgot to mention a fun note from last night's flying: Took off into stiff breeze; established nice climb: by the time I'd passed the end of the strip (2600' horizontal) I was already over 800 AGL (vertical). Granted it was into a stiff breeze but still a lot of fun. -- James ...

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James does 360 turns in opposite directions using just rudder pedals, then returns to straight and level. All in Chipper. ...

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belite Reviews

I’d been searching for a respectable ultralight manufacturer that had found a way to make a four-stroke fit within the weight envelope of the ultralight regulations. I was so...

Dale Martinson

Pilot & Ultralight Enthusiast