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Product Announcement

Belite Aircraft is proud to introduce its exciting new line of LCD instruments.


New Single Function Instruments
with Huge Digits

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2017 Announcement

Belite Introduces the Two Place Experimental Aircraft

Reserve Your “Chipper”

Now with folded wings!

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Announcing Our New Belite Electronics Store

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Latest from Belite’s Facebook Postings

#Chipper updated cowl. Yesterday's CAD is today's foam. ...

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#Chipper STOL '300 foot obstacle' clearance climbout at #EAA17 ...

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I'm working on a larger and more organic cowl design to replace the prototype currently installed in Chipper. This one accepts the two radiators nicely, is fully faired around the bottom, and also expands room a bit hopefully to allow the ULpower series of engines. Robert Helms


1) pick up another 15mph cruise
2) fair in radiators for less drag and increase speeds
3) enable a very organic and smooth front end to Chipper
4) allow Rotax & ULpower engines, anything else that customers want to fit of similar size

Foam for this cowl design is cutting this afternoon on CNC. Final design will be 3D in all respects, no hard or 90 degree corners. We'll be using it to make tooling so we can ship cowls to our customers in our FWF kits.

SEE IT at the Mt. Vernon expo in just over 3 weeks!!!!

Chipper photo by Gravity Images.

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belite Reviews

I’d been searching for a respectable ultralight manufacturer that had found a way to make a four-stroke fit within the weight envelope of the ultralight regulations. I was so...

Dale Martinson

Pilot & Ultralight Enthusiast